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Our beautiful outdoor yoga space

"When I left England to come and live in Portugal one of the things I really missed, as well as my family and friends was my yoga teacher. After a couple of years I was introduced to a jewel, Fiona. Her classes are a joy, never boring, always lots of variety, very imformative, not too much pressure and the relaxations at the end should be bottled."
Elaine, Portugal

'I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona's one to one yoga class in a tranquil outdoor setting at the yurt retreat. I found Fiona to be very informative and the yoga was perfectly tailored to my needs.'
Sarah Fishman, yoga teacher - UK

Yoga Retreat Portugal Eco Yoga Holidays
Vaisisthasana variation

Sustainable Yoga Holidays Portugal Aum
The sacred syllable Aum

"Yoga came into my life when I was in my late 60's, when I moved to a small quinta in central Portugal to try to start a new life after the death of my husband. Now I am very happy to say that meeting Fiona and attending her wonderful yoga classes has been one of the most important and pleasurable aspects of my new life. After a lifetime of bad posture, stress, high blood pressure, and aching bones and muscles, I am slowly learning to live at peace with my body..... gently correcting years of neglect by the calm and gentle techniques I have learnt from yoga classes. "
Rebecca, Portugal

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Yoga Holidays Portugal
Utthita Parsvakonasana

Yoga Holiday Portugal Eco Retreat Sustainable Yoga Holidays
Adho Mukha Svanasana

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Glamping Sustainable Yurt Yoga Holiday in Portugal

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Glamping Sustainable Yurt Yoga Holiday in Portugal

"I thoroughly recommend the yoga classes given by Fiona. As an older person I thought yoga would be too difficult for me but a year on I am far more flexible and supple than before and really enjoy the whole experience." Sheila Dennis, Serra da Alvorge, Portugal.


Yoga holidays and Retreats, Private retreats, Pregnancy yoga retreats, Post Natal Yoga Retreats including mum and baby yoga.

2015 Yoga Retreats at Portugal Yurt Retreats - Click here....... Come and join us to explore your practice, expand your knowledge and integrate your experience. Please visit our sister site - www.yogaholidaysportugal.com for all the details.

For guests visiting throughout the rest of the season, Fiona offers classes on a one-to-one basis, or small groups. Fiona also offers pregnancy yoga classes and retreats for a minimum of three days, post natal yoga classes and retreats, mum and baby yoga and children's classes.

Yoga classes - Fiona is a mother of two children, Elsie 8, Myra, 3 and Aalia, 1. She lives on site at Portugal Yurt Retreat, and teaches yoga classes locally and for guests. Fiona was first introduced to hatha yoga at high school in Australia, and has been been practicing yoga for over 14 years, and started teaching friends in 2008. Fona teaches a breath led practice incorporating both vinyasa and slower asana with more focus on alignment and deep release. Her classes always include strong asana, breath awareness, pranayama and deep relaxation.
She completed a 500 hour teacher training ( RYT Yoga Alliance) at the Byron Yoga Centre, Byron Bay, Australia in 2009, and she has completed training to teach pregnancy and post-natal yoga. She continues her professional development when she can, including Jivamukti Yoga workshops with internationally aclaimed teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life - London, in both 2009 and 2010, a pranayama course with Godfrey Devereaux in Lisbon, 2010. Yoga Anatomy/ Yoga Therapy,with Leslie Kaminoff.

Currently we offer yoga classes for guests on a class by class basis, please mention when you make a booking if you are interested in yoga classes. Fiona is happy to tailor classes to your needs. Eg- Beginners week, alignment focus, inversions, vinyasa flow, or recovery from injury or illness etc. If you would like to make a booking for a yoga week, and want a specialised week of classes, please email with any relevant information. If you would like to book on a yoga week, please see our yoga site.

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'This was the first time I took a yoga class and it turned out to be perfect for those with little experience (even though some people who had been to classes before enjoyed it just the same). Fiona would always adjust the pace to those present (or the outside temperature for that matter, at 40°C you don't want to jump around a lot!). I very much appreciated the fact that we were taught to listen to our bodies and not force ourselves into postures out of ambition. Like this, I realised after a while that my flexibility and strength had increased almost unnoticed.' Andrea - Pedrogao Pequeno, Portugal

We can also offer you a number of relaxing treatments to compliment your yoga practice with local practicioner. These include Reiki, Aromatherapy massage, facials, Swedish massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and an energetic spinal realignment technique (Dorn-Breuss). These treatments can be organised upon your arrival. (see treatments)

'As an absolute beginner I found Fiona's yoga classes to be surprisingly beneficial. Before beginning yoga, I had a recurring back problem and a very stiff and inflexible neck. Over a period of time my back became stronger and the problems less frequent and my neck became much more flexible. Now I rarely have problems with either.One of the things that I particularly like about Fiona's classes is that anyone can take part no matter what their ability and everyone can develop at their own pace. Fiona is always very encouraging and takes a lot of trouble to make sure everyone knows the correct posture and has the confidence to stretch and challenge themselves'. Jill, Ansiao -Portugal

Asana - finding your seat.
The Sanskrit word asana translates as 'seat' - the practice of moving the body into shapes or postures. Asana can also be interpreted as 'connection'; to the ground underneath you, and to the beings and world around you. Through the practice of asana we can relieve our bodies of years of built up stresses and strains, traumas and stored memories. We can start to 'disentangle our spirits'. Our physical body will come to feel more alive, vibrant and dynamic, gaining in strength and flexibility. Through sustained practice we come to learn so much about ourselves, recognise and break through our barriers and boundaries and find new ways of opening and releasing. These qualities seep through into our day to day lives - yoga 'off the mat'.

Pranayama - getting to know your breath.
The practice of pranayama, generally translated from the Sanskrit as restraining or controlling the breath, is a practice that can really put us in touch with the basic connection of being alive. Our breath is what keeps us 'alive', if we did not breathe, we would not live. Before we start to practice many of the yogic pranayama practices we must untangle our breath from years of habitual holding. As our bodies hang on to unconcious memories of physical and emotional experience, so our process of breathing becomes unnatural as we grow through life. We all develop habits of holding, both body and breath, which we need to unwind and understand before we can move on.

Meditation - being in stillness and space.
We can introduce you to two different meditation practices if you are interested as a part of a yoga week or single class. Meditation is something that will develop over time when the mind has been calmed, or focussed with practice of dharana (concentration). It is only through dhyrana that dhyana (meditation) will come. There are endless techniques for cultivating dhyrana, one of which is midfulness. The traditional purpose of yoagasana is to enable the body to sit in meditation.

Ahimsa - non harming.
The first of the Yama's (or moral code) in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Ahimsa, non harming or non violence extends into every aspect of our lives. When we bring the quality of Ahimsa into our day to day living, we become aware of every interaction, physical, verbal, and psychological, with those around us, particularly our family/ closest loved ones. Ahimsa extends to all living creatures, and leads the practicioner of yoga to embrace a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle in order to avoid the cruelty caused to living beings every day in the dairy and meat industries. A good place to start Ahimsa is to be aware of the ways in which we harm ourselves, with our thoughts, inner criticisms or dialogue. In observing this we can begin to tranform.

Pratyahara - withdrawing the senses.
Pratyahara is a drawing inwards, a closing in, internalising. Closing down the outer sensory organs and tuning in to an inner space and understanding. Pratyahara is a quality which helps us to turn our asana practice into something deeper. When we cultivate pratyahara, we start to understand asana as something other than a physical practice. Conscious relaxation of the facial muscles, ears, nose - those muscles around our sensory organs will start to develop pratyahara.

We are very interested to hear from any certified teachers who might be interested in spending a summer (2014) in portugal - please contact us if this interests you. We are looking for someone to share daily classes with Fiona and help out generally with cooking and garden/childcare in between retreats.


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