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Portugal Yurt Retreat - Eco Living and Eco Holidays

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Holidays Solar System
Sunflowers & solar panels

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Holidays Hydro Electric
The ribeira that feeds our hydro elecrtric generator

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Sustainable Living
Wood from our property, being planked up for building use

Portugal Yurt Retreat Sustainable living wood carpentry building
Mark planking wood

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Living Wood working
Planked chestnut

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Living Organic Gardening
veg harvest

Portugal Yurt Retreat Organic Garden Greens

Eco-Living at Portugal Yurt Retreat

Our aim is to live as sustainably as possible by producing the things we need from the land, reducing the need to purchase products or recycle. We use both solar and hydro power for our electricity, and wood to heat our living spaces and our water in winter. We use solar heated water in the summer months. We grow as much as we can in our vege garden. Our toilets are eco-friendly compost toilets. see eco-living books Our rental yurt has been made from pine trees on our property, and the canvas was sewn locally.

Coming soon - pages dedicated to solar, hydro and making use of our trees.......

Food - We love our vegie garden, especially in the summer when it provides us with most of our vegetables. We mostly eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, and store what we can for winter. The meals we provide are preapred wherever possible with our own produce, which is grown without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilisers. If you choose to stay on a B&B basis, you are welcome to purchase a basket of fresh veg from our garden subject to availability. food

After so many appreciative guest comments on our home cooked meals, we will soon be adding our favourite recipes to this site.

Household products - We make our own biodegradable soap, washing up liquid and clothes washing liquid. Our soap is made with olive oil and is available for use during your stay. Should you require your own hair and body washing products, we ask you to bring products which are natural and biodegradable as all the waste water is drained into the land.

Utilities - We generate our own electricity through our solar p.v panels and our recently installed hydro electric generator. For most of the year we have enough sunshine to generate electricity for our daily use. This year we have installed a small hydro electric generator for use during the winter when we get lots of rain and the stream flows. This has dramatically reduced our need for the diesel generator.

The yurt has electric lighting (2 bedside lights and and central light) and power points for charging laptops or mobile phones. All other areas adjoinging the yurt have lighting and electricity. We have a mobile internet connection that is free for use during your stay. The short path approaching the yurt has solar lighting for nights, but we also recommend you bring a torch if you think you will be out at night.

If you are specifically interested in off-grid sustainable technology, Mark will be happy to talk with you during your stay about the ways in which we generate energy, and try to live as sustainably as possible. Subjects which may be of interest: setting up a solar system, using a hydro electric generator, growing organic vegetables, building a compost toilet and humanure, building with lime, making use of local forest timber for construction, making soap and washing liquids. Working holidays

We will soon be offering short workshops on many aspects of eco-living, and yurt construction. Please contact us if you are interested.

"An environment for the adults to truly appreciate an uncomplicated approach to living, in harmony with nature, with Mark's clear and fascinating explanations of the simple but ingenious techniques for sustainability." Chip, Sam, Indigo, Jago
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