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Portugal Yurt Retreat - Ayurveda

Ayurveda at Portugal Yurt Retreat
A system of health from Ancient India

Ayurveda at Portugal Yurt Retreat Spice
Spices - medicine

Ayurveda at Portugal Yurt Retreat Organic Vegetarian Family Yoga Holidays

Portugal Yurt Retreat Introduction to Ayurveda
Healing herbs

Portugal Yurt Yoga Ayurveda Holiday Portugal

Portugal Yurt Retreat Ayurveda Yoga Holiday

Portugal Yurt Retreat Ayurveda

A Brief Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda - defined as 'the science of life', 'the knowledge of living,' and 'the art of longevity,' is the ancient system of health and medicine originating in the Indian subcontinent between 3 and 5 thousand years ago. The practice of Ayurvedic principles in relation to living well goes hand in hand with the practice of hatha yoga. yoga

We are hoping to offer Ayurvedic treatments and consultations at Portugal Yurt Retreat this year with a local practicioner.
Please email us and enquire. other treatments available at Portugal Yurt Retreat

'The wisdom, depth and enduring utility of Ayurveda are a testimony to the civilisation from which it came. This medical system emphasises that humans come from nature, that we are an integral part of the universe, and that we have a responsibility to it. The balance of the universe lies within us.' The Ayurvedic Cookbook - see ref. below.

In the Rig Veda, which is around 4500 years old, there are descriptions of 67 herbs, which are used for making medicines. The first ayurvedic medical text, the Charaka Samhita, was written by the Ayurvedic teacher Charaka around 700BC. About a century later, Susruta wrote the Susruta Samhita. Both these texts are available to students of Ayurveda today. The Charaka Samhita focusses on general medicine and the use of foods and herbs for healing. The Susruta Samhita contains information on the practice of surgery in the Ayurvedic medicine of those times.

Ayurveda emphasises balance. Some of the principles of Ayurveda are in contrast to those of modern western nutrition, but we are all able to feel intuitively what is right for us.

Some Principles of Nutrition from an Ayurvedic Perspective

  • Food should be eaten 'hot' - usually cooked.
  • Food needs to be tasty and easy to digest
  • Food needs to be eaten in the proper amounts - generally not too much!
  • Food needs to be eaten on an empty stomach, after your last meal has been digested.
  • Foods need to work together in their actions
  • Food needs to be eaten in pleasant, stressfree surroundings.
  • Eating should never be rushed, nor drawn out.
  • It is best to focus only on eating while eating.
  • Only eat food which is nourishing to your particular constitution - which suits your mental and emotional temperament.

The whole focus of Ayurvedic nutrition is to enhance digestion. In Ayurveda food which is heating in nature, whether it is hot or cold, generally stimulate digestion.

Some Ayurvedic ideas defined:

Purusha - Spirit - Inner Spirit - Self

Prakriti - Nature - Primal Nature, our biological constitution at birth

The 5 Tanmatras: Sensory Potentials/ Subtle Elements

Shabda Tanmatra - tanmatra of sound - ether
Sparsha Tanmatra - tanmatra of touch - air
Rupa Tanmatra - tanmatra of sight - fire
Rasa Tanmatra - tanmatra of taste - water
Gandha Tanmatra - tanmatra of smell - earth

The 3 Gunas: phases, states or natures of conciousness, influencing our mental constitution

Sattva - lightness, love, life, faith, honesty, modesty, truthfulness.
Rajas - twilight, passion, agitation, action, emotional fluctuation, fear, desire, lust.
Tamas - darkness, inertia, non-feeling, death, lower material forces, ignorance, attachment, stagnation.

Ayurvedic Links + Resources

Gardousel Retreat - Alex Duncan, European Institute of Vedic Studies

Alex's Ayurvedic Blog

Robert Svoboda

Amadea Morningstar

American Institute of Vedic Studies

The Ayurvedic Doshas

Portugal Yurt Retreat Eco Introduction to Ayurveda and the doshas

The 3 Doshas: Three powers working through the 3 central elements.

The doshas are the factors which produce the physical body, and affect it's substance and function. Usually one of the three doshas predominates in each person and determines their individual nature.

'The entire universe derives from three original powers of energy, light and matter. Science recognises these as physical forces governing the external world but, from a Vedic standpoint, they are powres of conciousness itself. Energy is the origin of the life force that is the most powrful of all forces. Light is the origin of the mind, through which we can see, know and discern. Matter is the basis of the body through which we have a form and substance in time and space.' Svoboda - see ref. below

Vata - ether + air, wind, movement, motion, dry, cold, creativity, enthusiasm, speed, agility, responsiveness, * vata unbalanced - erratic, unstable, ungrounded

Pitta - fire + water, oily, hot, mobile, liquid, transformation, heat, intelligence, courage, vitality *pitta unbalanced - anger, critical, judgemental

Kapha - water + earth, soft, fluid, heavy, endurance, stamina, stability, strength, loving, *kapha unbalanced - inertia, attachement, retention. holding on, stasis

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